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Manufacturer Of T Bolt Clamps, V Band Clamps, Industrial Pipe Clip, Duplex Power Press, Thane, Mumbai, India

T Bolt Clamps

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  T Bolt Ordering Information  

For smoother services the following points may please be noted by the customer while ordering.

  • Clamp DIA means Max OUTSIDE Dia of the mounting hose i.e. DN here. Use of mere term 'Hose Dia' (if it means INNER Dia) is confusive and should be avoided.
  • The customer should go through all above literature and decide the necessary type of Jupiter design for his use. OR may call for Jupiter Questionnaire to facilitate to decide or design specific clamps for P.No. applications. Accordingly prototype drawing shall be prepared and submitted for customer's conveniece.
  • Customer is requested to attend Jupiter's 'Receipt of order' form for validation and ammendment if any.
  • E-mail corrospondence should be complete with full address, P.P., Communication Nos. and other specific details of the sender.
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